Monevium is a London-based money-management platform for growing businesses, including both freelancers and enterprise level entities.

Monevium offers their clients a simple and fast procedure for opening IBAN accounts, straightforward and secure funds transfer, transaction history logging, and access from mobile and web applications.
Products used: Core Banking Solution.
The request
Monevium is an emerging payment solution with the main goal to launch it in a short period of time, but still meet potential customers' needs in a trouble-free mode and offer them a wide range of possibilities.
With this in mind, the option of developing the entire software infrastructure from scratch was immediately discarded, and the project team started looking for a reliable software vendor. The solution from Soft-FX was chosen for several reasons.
  • A set of integrations that allows the launch of a full-fledged money management system in the shortest possible time.
  • The solution is a one-stop system with all the necessary front-end and back-end services, without the need to buy third-party software solutions.
  • The solution provider has declared their readiness to make any revisions to the software in accordance with the future needs of the Monevium team.
  • The software package includes advanced reporting features such as billing and other routine tasks.
  • Expanded geography of payments and the possibility of card issuance.

The result

At the moment, the system allows Monevium to solve all the tasks that the project team puts and meets, from the requests of individuals to enterprise level businesses.

  • Compliance department workflows, including onboarding and transaction monitoring.
  • Real-time transaction management, processing of customer requests and documents, cards issuance.
  • Deposit of funds, payment execution and correspondent bank transfers.
  • Operations and further development of the project, development of new functions to meet the needs of the project and the market.
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“We want to offer a modern, straightforward and secure way to manage a client's money. With core banking system form trusted vendor Soft-FX, we can achieve all three objectives”

Alexey Jevdokimov,

Head of Operations