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The team of Soft-FX is always eager to meet visitors, engage in discussions, and provide live consultations on all topics. As a provider of cutting-edge technological solutions to the FX and digital currencies industry for over a decade, we are excited to showcase our comprehensive solutions for FX and digital asset trading at offline events around the world.

Our highly experienced teams of IT, legal, and financial professionals ensure that all clients receive the most comprehensive support during their business development journeys. So, whether you are interested in learning more about our products or seeking advice on a particular issue, our experts are here to provide you with tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Visit us at our booth at the upcoming exhibitions and get a chance to interact with our team, explore our products and services, and learn how we can help take your business to the next level.

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Upcoming Events

Discover more about the occasions where the Soft-FX team will showcase its products and solutions. We always look forward to engaging in face-to-face interactions. If you plan to attend any of the listed events, don't hesitate to drop by and initiate a conversation!


Past Events

Finance Magnates London Summit 2018
BTC Barcelona 2019
iFX EXPO Asia 2023
Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2023
Finance Magnates London Summit 2023

Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS:22)

13 - 14 November 2018 UK, London

In 2018, Finance Magnates highlighted the top industry participants who had excelled in various key segments. The multi-stage voting process subsequently allowed the industry to rank the best and brightest performers.

The awards aimed to acknowledge outstanding achievements in various aspects of the trading industry ecosystem, such as Liquidity, Execution, Trading Platform, Marketing, and Performance.

At the conference Soft-FX team presented its white label solutions for brokers.

BTC Barcelona

10 - 11 July 2019 Spain, Barcelona

The Barcelona Trading Conference was designed to promote the institutional adoption of digital assets. Attendees passionate about the future of the digital trading industry benefited from two days filled with informative panels and workshops covering the latest developments and trends.
In between sessions, thought leaders and innovators from across the digital space gathered to discuss the hottest topics and make lasting connections with fellow professionals from all around the world.

At the conference, Soft-FX team presented their white label solutions in the field of blockchain and working with digital assets.

iFX EXPO Asia 2023

20-22 June 2023 Bangkok, Thailand

Soft-FX showcased its innovative TickTrader Trading Platform at the recently concluded iFX EXPO Asia 2023, the world's largest financial business-to-business exhibition. The two-day event brought together professionals in online trading, financial services, and fintech from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The TickTrader Trading Platform, presented by Soft-FX, offers a wide range of advanced trading tools and features, empowering traders across the globe to trade more efficiently and effectively.

The iFX EXPO Asia 2023 provided an engaging experience with inspiring insights shared by industry experts and abundant networking opportunities with C-level executives from top international companies.

At the conference Soft-FX team presented its white label solutions for brokers and exchanges.

Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

2-5 October 2023, Dubai, UAE

Soft-FX marked a significant presence at the 8th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit, held in Dubai. The summit, renowned as the largest blockchain conference network globally, provided a platform for key players in the digital asset industry and experts to converge and redefine the future of finance.

The Soft-FX team, comprising experts in financial technology, was readily available throughout the event to engage with attendees, share insights, and provide live demonstrations of their cutting-edge Digital Asset Trading Software solution.

The commitment and excellence demonstrated by Soft-FX during the Blockchain Economy Summit did not go unnoticed. In recognition of their outstanding participation and contribution to the success of the event, Soft-FX was honored with a commemorative award.

The Soft-FX team demonstrated our Digital Asset Trading Software solution at the event.

Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS:23)

20-22 November 2023, London, UK

Soft-FX took stage at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2023 (FMLS:23), the industry's premier event at the intersection of finance and innovation. The summit, held from November 20 to 22, 2023, at the Old Billingsgate in London, UK, provided a dynamic platform for professionals and businesses in fintech, payments, online trading, and digital assets to converge, exchange ideas, and explore new opportunities.

Soft-FX seized the opportunity to spotlight its flagship product, the TickTrader Trading Platform, renowned for its versatility and tailored design to meet the unique requirements of brokers and exchanges. The platform stands out for its array of advanced trading tools and features, empowering traders to execute transactions with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

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