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Software overview

Digital Asset Broker Software is a one-stop solution for arranging a digital asset brokerage.

The additional benefits of the software we offer will help you secure a solid position in an ever-changing market faster.

The software structure represents not only the Soft-FX technologies, which have been honed over the years, but also the experience of our development team, to help you deploy a technical platform for your business in a matter of weeks.

Virtually unlimited selection of instruments

State-of-the-art protection protocols

Web and mobile apps available

Versatile connectivity options with APIs

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Efficient liquidity aggregation


Efficient liquidity aggregation

Technical connectors

As part of the software we offer, technical connectors to the largest providers of digital asset liquidity have been prepared. Also, any liquidity provider not found on the default list can be connected on demand.

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ECN model

The software provides the ability to establish an electronic communication network within a brokerage model, where limit orders of clients are matched with each other. With a large number of customers, you can provide an internal liquidity inflow and save on commissions to external providers.

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Advanced reporting tools

The reporting service, which is part of the software, is capable of saving the entire log of the order's full life cycle.

With this feature, you can provide your regulator with any type of report they may require, and make it much easier for your finance department to process analytics and work with auditors.


More startup advantages

  • Seamless market execution thanks to slippage control protection.
  • A hybrid business model (A-Book / B-Book) integrated for flexible risk management.
  • Quote filters subsystems to manage prices from liquidity providers and to shape the depth of the market to meet business objectives.

Market-making algos


Market-making algos

Algorithmic trading functions embedded in the software enable your emerging brokerage to be highly adaptable to even the most complex trading conditions.

  • Market Making Algo Create depth of market with custom parameters for any trading instrument.
  • Synthetic Market Making Algo Create new synthetic instruments.
  • ETF Algo Create custom trading indexes.
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Asset digitization


The software algorithms supplied with the solution will allow tokenization of any asset, from real estate to an industrial enterprise. Create a custom instrument, tie it to an existing currency, and launch it on the market. Learn more about advanced algorithmic trading with TickTrader Trading Platform

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Software components

TickTrader Trading Platform

A solid foundation for a comprehensive trading business.

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TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator

Ready to bolster liquidity on your newborn brokerage.

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TickTrader Trader’s Room

A carefully designed back-office broker software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading system.

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line platform

If you only need some of our software components for use with your MT4 or MT5 platforms, contact us to discuss integration options.

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