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PAMM is a technology which implies placing funds of investors connected to a specific offer on a single account managed by a trader (the Master). Manager can trade investors' funds at his discretion.

Soft-FX PAMM technology

Soft-FX PAMM technology offers an opportunity to introduce an investment tool that will attract a whole new category of traders to your brokerage business.

Value for the customer Soft-FX

Soft-FX PAMM Forex system software provides more investments, more customers, and more turnover at a minimum cost.

Product description


Soft-FX PAMM Forex system service allows individuals with little or without any experience to indirectly trade on Forex and crypto markets and profit from them.

The PAMM service enables the mechanism of investing in Masters who have experience in trading confirmed by statistical data and, accordingly, expanding the number of individuals who can use the broker services.

The product has more than a decade of history, during which it has been continuously refined and improved to become one of the most comprehensive PAMM solutions.


More value with

If the statements below are valid for your business then Soft-FX PAMM Forex system is designed for you:

  • You manage an MT4 or MT5 brokerage and seek to expand the number of your clients through a service that does not require users to have extensive expertise in trading.
  • You want to make your brokerage services more accessible for any client who wants to invest in the Forex or any other financial market.
  • You simply want to increase the turnover of your brokerage business.

How Soft-FX PAMM works

Soft-FX PAMM offers anyone the opportunity to invest their money in a trading strategy of a Master they trust. All data about Masters' performance is fully open, and Followers can choose a suitable Master based on statistical data.

The Master selection is available by a wide variety of criteria: risk-management principles, trading instruments, trading performance, experience, and much more.

At the end of the cycle, all PNL is automatically distributed between the Master and all their Followers.

Comparison table of
Soft-FX PAMM software and other related services

Our product is exclusively a PAMM service in its purest form. This solution is driven by the fact that, in terms of key requirements, PAMM technology provides users with more crucial capabilities than its analogues.

Feature PAMM Copy-trading MAM & LAMM
Can Followers stop trading at any time?
Can Followers limit their risks?
Can you avoid installing any additional modules on Metatrader servers? This is very important in case WL Metatrader license is used
Can a trader start following with 1 USD?
Does Follower have the same trading results as the Master? Not even close
Can Master import the existing trading statistics?
Does Follower start getting profit from the moment he joins a Master?
What about using multiple Metatrader servers? Possible. Masters and Followers can be located on different MT4 and MT5 servers More Metatrader servers would need more modules to be installed that could lead to more issues More Metatrader servers would need more modules to be installed that could lead to more issues


Not just another PAMM service

Clear reporting model

Unlike hundreds of virtually identical PAMM solutions, our product is much more than a regular server plugin for MT4/MT5 platforms. Soft-FX PAMM is a fully-featured SaaS web portal, with an advanced statistical computation system that presents all required information as a user-friendly graphical layout.

Gentle learning curve

The architecture and functionality of the product are designed so as not to overwhelm a manager during the whole introduction period. Two weeks of ordering customer’s time are more than enough to fully and smoothly immerse in all the intricacies of investment platform software and aspects of integration with Metatrader products.

Full-service cycle

We take full responsibility for the deployment, setup, and update of the service. Only time is required from a customer to study the necessary features of the service. All client’s requests are generated by filling in an XLS questionnaire, and upon release, a customer receives a fully functional product ready for operation. The complete configuration and installation process takes no more than one week. In the future, we will always be around to help.

Easy data migration

If you seek to switch from your existing PAMM Forex system service or technology to our product, we will provide the most seamless transition. Moreover, there is an option to upload the already existing trading history from Myfxbook, so that Masters can already demonstrate their portfolio when launching the service, rather than accumulate it from scratch. This can potentially save you months that would otherwise be spent on generating a new trading history.

Little but nice features of Soft-FX PAMM

Soft-FX PAMM desktop

Custom analytical service

This add-on allows you to analyze trading accounts within a whole brokerage with the help of data from Soft-FX PAMM statistical service. That is, an account does not need to be located within a PAMM system to undergo detailed analysis.

Soft-FX PAMM desktop

Simple integration requirements

A potential customer is only required to have a full or WL licensed MT4 or MT5 platform and a local PAMM manager to communicate directly with clients.

Soft-FX PAMM desktop

PAMM account drawdown limit

This mechanism will allow reducing losses of Followers' funds in case of unprofitable trading on a PAMM account. PAMM account drawdown limit arranges professional collaboration between the Master and Followers, as well as create more comfortable conditions for PAMM service users.

Case study

We are a CySEC authorized and regulated Investment Firm with ten years of experience in offering FX and CFD trading services.

"When used over a long period of time, the product really shines: we have gathered an impressive portfolio of Masters, and the total number of clients and trading volumes have increased accordingly"


Elena Georgiou

Head of Support

Experience before Soft-FX PAMM software

At a certain stage of growth, the company decided to expand its service catalog. We needed comprehensive Forex PAMM software to solve four main objectives.

  • сreate additional value for our clients with the help of a new investment platform software integrated with Metatrader products

  • аttract new clients not experienced with trading or who simply don’t have time to trade.

  • automate the process of servicing the above-mentioned inexperienced clients as much as possible.

  • boost the company’s revenue.

Soft-FX offered us the best service terms and MT4 PAMM software with an excellent price/quality ratio — Soft-FX PAMM.

Experience with Soft-FX PAMM software

During the time of use, Soft-FX PAMM has proven to be a great sales tool that has undoubtedly influenced the company's profitability.

  • we have significantly expanded our customer service capabilities.

  • we have received an influx of customers who are investing in our extensive pool of Masters.

  • every process connected with Soft-FX PAMM is automated, which makes it much easier for us to work with the product and related customers.

  • Soft-FX PAMM trading system helped to significantly increase the money flow.
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