Extensive scalability options with our API:

Nowadays APIs are a usual part of any developed digital business, and partner marketing is almost impossible to imagine without them.

Thanks to Soft-FX’s carefully debugged and documented API, a third-party developer can avoid puzzling over a new solution for interacting with the TickTrader platform, but rather use one of our APIs that have already been tested and proven to be reliable.

The set of TickTrader Trading Platform application programming interfaces is a powerful engine that allows developers to create customizable trading tools and interfaces to use with TickTrader trading server for no-terminal trading. TickTrader’s API allows:

  • • Receiving detailed information about financial instruments, user accounts, and trading operations;
  • • Making transactions, including asset delivery operations, modifying or deleting orders; securely connecting to TickTrader Server to get information about quote flows (currencies, symbols) ;
  • • Securely connecting to TickTrader Server to get information about quote flows (currencies, symbols);
  • • Monitoring the status of assets;
  • • Getting information about the available balance and trading history on your account;
  • • Fully automating your trading strategy.

TickTrader Trading Platform can provide you with the following APIs right out of the box:

  • Web REST API

  • Socket feed API

  • Socket Trade API


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