Trader’s Room:

The gateway to your Trading Ecosystem

Trader’s Room is a unifying power that provides you clear monitoring of money flows — every financial service and every payment system connected in a single back office interface. Once connected, you get a fully controlled system that allows you to securely receive end-user funds, as well as provide you detailed reports and analytics and much more.

Trader's room specific

Trader’s Room is a product that embodies our loyalty and commitment to supporting you at every stage of integration and servicing:

Rapid deployment

Our expertise in working with a wide variety of platforms ensures the shortest launch times. You will receive a functioning product in the period from a couple of hours to several days.

Elastic scalability

We can easily configure the system from one payment per day to a hundred transactions per second.

Infinite extensions

The integration of any type that you do not find in the already offered set can be connected upon request.

Stonewall security

It's a given that all the latest safety requirements for back office software solutions are implemented in our product to secure customer data and deposits.

You’re getting carefully designed back office software with extensive functionality and a staggering number of ready-made integrations as your starter pack

Trader’s Room

Client's personal area

DEPOSIT & withdrawal
trading accounts OPENING
Registration & Verification

Admin area / back office

payment systems (FIAT & CRYPTO WALLETs)

Trader’s Room is designed for brokers and companies that need a multifunctional tool to manage massive flows of funds from clients.

Features to explore

At-will built-in currency exchange

All clients registered in Trader’s Room get access to the built-in proprietary exchange, which can be used to exchange one type of asset for another without switching to another trading UI. It means that clients who don't want to bother with charting analytics and placing orders can simply and quickly make an exchange that they are interested in at any given moment.


Moreover, our product is architecturally designed so that one broker's/exchange's trader's room can be used as a merchant for receiving and withdrawing funds by another broker and exchange. This function can greatly simplify crypto processing, and you will not have to worry about the security of your assets.

A highly customizable reporting system

The reporting function is very important for brokers and exchanges that operate in strictly regulated jurisdictions. You can build literally any report you may be required to provide, whether you work under EU, UK or AUS regulation. Our back office design enables compiling a report of any format from an array of data from your clients — client wallet reports, registration details, deposit and withdrawal operations, broker-dealer trading operations, etc.

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Out-of-the-box integrations

· Payment systems. Trader’s Room back office has more than 60 fiat payment systems. We also provide our own cryptocurrency payment solutions integrated with 13 blockchains that are ready to be deployed. Even if you do not find the payment system you need in the list, we can get it for you.


· Analytics. The crypto market is not yet the most regulated one, so you may need a reliable system tracking the purity of all incoming crypto payments. The blockchain analytical tools that we provide and support are designed to open all the links in the payment chain and check them for compromising.

Our clients can access integrated services like Scorechain and Bitfury’s Crystal, reliable analytics tools to keep crypto processing safe and transparent. Such a function is a must-have in the legal framework with strict regulation of the crypto assets circulation.

· CRMs. Integrations with Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics are available, it is possible to connect any others as requested by the client.


Trader’s Room back office users get access to the World-Check database to even more effectively mitigate financial risks. World-Check stores data on all known violations of the law by different individuals. If registered users have any criminal records, you will be notified immediately.

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  • Product mission

    For your customers, Trader’s Room will be a secure and friendly gateway through which they will enter the company, whether it's a brokerage or an exchange. For you, Trader’s Room will embody a kind of back office software that is tailored for every need you might have. The design and philosophy of Trader’s Room are rooted in a deep understanding of issues faced by a trading business that has to manage a multitude of payment system connections and financial flows.

  • What we have to help your business

    Any trading platform is looking for growth opportunities. Growth, however, entails a number of challenges that need to be addressed in one way or another. It becomes necessary to conduct accounting, audit, tracking of monetary flows, the number of administrative functions increases by an order of magnitude.

    Maintaining a healthy trading system under these conditions requires trading room software able to monitor the status of all compounds trouble-free. This product is required to perform a variety of complex tasks: provide analytics, work with auditors, financial controls, check user databases and documents, support integration with blockchain methods, and cryptocurrencies.

    Trader’s Room was created with a heavy workload in mind, and even beyond it. The product supports the connection of 60+ payment systems and also tracks all the money coming to the client and assesses the possibility of using them under various conditions provided by the financial department.

    Each new customer brings us new requirements which we turn into ideas and implement them to continuously improve the functionality of Trader’s Room.


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Other features

  • Multi-level partnership programs through referral links in the personal areas to generate additional profits.
  • Multi-role access to the admin area — from full admin controls to non-overlapping functions up to finance and compliance.
  • Two types of client personal areas — mobile and desktop.
  • Login through external authentication (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Complete technical support and education.
  • An integrated KYC AML module for document verification.

Case study:


We provide our clients with trading services in derivatives, cryptocurrencies, metals, and other instruments. Since 2014, we’ve been using Trader’s Room as the main tool that helps FXOpen traders make deposits and withdrawals to trading accounts.

It is safe to say that for all these years Trader’s Room has been the solid core of all processes of our interaction with clients:

  • providing documents, setting security passwords, pin codes, etc;
  • verifying and processing customer requests and wallet operations;
  • processing of any related transactions (e.g. currency exchanges).
Our main objective is to satisfy the client so that all his requests were fulfilled on time and as accurately as possible. Trader’s Room is a back office software solution that has never failed us in achieving this

Alexey Gabinet

Deputy Chief Financial Officer


We are ready to provide you with the product demo for a whole month of use


During this period we will answer any questions you may have about the product and the workflow.

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