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TickTrader trading platform represents an ultimate all-in-one solution if you need reliable software for a multi-functional exchange trading platform or brokerage. TickTrader will provide you with all the popular instruments, from crypto and Forex to digitized assets, intended both for spot exchange and margin trading.

As a trading platform provider, our goal is to make your entry to the complex financial instruments market as smooth as possible.

One platform, many solutions

TickTrader is your Swiss knife among white label trading platforms, with each tool designed and honed by a developer who understands market requirements in terms of customer demand, performance, and security.

In the process of TickTrader trading platform development, we strived to take into account the full range of possible needs of both business owners and their clients. With our white label trading platform solution, you can conduct both margin trading and spot exchange operations without any restrictions. Imagine the ideal technical environment for your business activity — with TickTrader, you can get as close to it as ever.

We will support you at every step of this journey.

Key components of TickTrader

What is “under the hood” of TickTrader is our absolute pride, so as a trading platform provider, we can't resist the urge to tell you a little more about features designed with one goal in mind: to help your business become even more profitable.

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For all its versatility and variety of tools, TickTrader is a turnkey solution designed to meet the demands of the most challenging trading climate. You know what you want to achieve, and TickTrader has the power to achieve it.

TickTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 features comparison table

Here you can compare trading platforms' feature sets and find the possible domains where TickTrader can complement the functionality of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 or service as an alternative.

TickTrader MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5
Forex Yes Yes Yes
Stocks Yes Yes Yes
Indices Yes Yes Yes
Commodities Yes Yes Yes
Cryptos Yes Yes Yes
Account type      
Margin Gross Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Margin Net Accounts Yes No Yes
Exchange Accounts Yes No No
Order types      
Market Yes Yes Yes
Slippage control for market orders Yes No No
Stop Yes Yes Yes
Slippage control for stop orders Yes No No
Limit GTC/GTD Yes Yes Yes
IOC Yes No No
Stop-limit Yes No No
Hidden Yes No No
Iceberg Yes No No
WebSockets API Yes No No
FDK API* Yes No No
Trading Terminals      
Web Yes Yes Yes
Win Desktop Yes Yes Yes
Mobile IOS Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Android Yes Yes Yes
Trading Terminals features      
Depth of market Yes No Yes
Time and sales Yes No Yes
Technical analysis Yes Yes Yes
Terminal alerts Yes Yes Yes
Server-side alerts Yes No No
Telegram notifications Yes No No
Algo studio      
Ready-to-go Market Making (MM) algos Yes No No
Ready-to-go Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) algo Yes No No
Backtester Yes Yes Yes
Technical support      
Individual 24/7 support line Yes No No

...but wait there is more

Different reporting options for different jurisdictions. Depending on your regulator’s requirements, you will be able to form different types of trading reports for different types of clients and the legal frameworks. Even reports on trading volumes and asset allocation to client accounts can be customized.

Scalability. Hubs and platform services can be differentiated geographically and by workload, so you can always remain confident in the service stability.

Truly personalized support. If you become a TickTrader user, our further interaction will not be limited to call tickets alone. As a trading platform provider, we will respond to any question or request you may have individually, and perform a comprehensive onboarding procedure.

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