Bespoke Digital Asset Trading Software

We present you a software package designed to create a digital asset trading business with the possibility of deepest customization of every component.

With this solution, you can be sure that you will get a unique technological framework that no one else on the market will have in the same functional appearance.

The core of infinite possibilities


Our Digital Asset Trading Software is the foundation for a customized software package that will help you create a technology platform that provides ultimate commercial freedom.

We will accomplish this with a sequence of steps that we have perfected over the years.

1 Gathering customer requirements A series of interviews is conducted with both marketing and technical staff.
2 Business data acquisition Selection of information critical to decide on the future design of the software structure.
3 Analysis and additional data sampling The information obtained is matched to the current state of the industry and specific business objectives.
4 Software structure development Development and approval of the software package structure that will be delivered to the client.
5 Development and deployment of an approved software package Each step of the development and implementation of the requested functions is cleared with the client.

Our expertise

Soft-FX has all the key resources to implement your project. We have been studying the digital asset market since 2005, moreover, we participate in its development. We can provide the client with proven technologies to work in the most unusual conditions, and most importantly, our knowledge of how to customize the software for such an environment.

The minimal time to market for software infrastructure can provide another significant competitive advantage.

Custom services

In addition to the technology components, we will also supply our customer with premium services designed to minimize the routine operational burden on the customer's team.


Legal and financial advising on demand.

Tech assistance

Liquidity issues, trading desk, KYC and AML compliance.


Round-the-clock support seven days a week.

Make the first estimate for your software configuration cost

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Software components

Our customers automatically receive updates of each component and tech consultations if needed.

Liquidity Aggregator

Ready to bolster liquidity of your emerging trading platform.

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Trading Platform

A solid foundation for a comprehensive trading business.

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Trader’s Room

A carefully designed back-office broker software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading ecosystem.

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