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Soft-FX multi trading platform

The user-friendly terminals across every major platform allow your clients to pursue trading opportunities whenever and wherever they want to.

With Web Terminal, Mobile Terminal, and Desktop Terminal, your clients can choose the most convenient way to experience TickTrader, and you can remain confident that you have provided the widest possible opportunities for interaction with your platform.

Soft-FX desktop trading platform

TickTrader Web Terminal

provides access to TickTrader from any location and requires only having a computer connected to the internet:

  • • offers a set of functions similar to Desktop Terminal, but more accessible for early adopters;
  • • the web platform operates without any additional software and supports all the major browsers and operating systems;
  • • ultra-fast order entry and execution;
  • • history of trading operations;
  • • multiple languages and user settings support.
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TickTrader Mobile Terminal
(both for Android and iOS)

provides user-friendly access to mobile margin and deliverable trading via the Internet 24/7 from anywhere and anytime:

  • • full support of margin (Gross/Net account types) and deliverable (Cash account type) operations;
  • • real-time tracking of trading account portfolio: assets, orders, and positions;
  • • advanced user alerting system
  • • trading history logs and historical prices.
Soft-FX mobile trading platform

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TickTrader Desktop Terminal

Soft-FX desktop terminal

has a high-end functionality and opens access to both margin and deliverable trading of FX and digital assets with low latency:

  • • it is the most advanced terminal in terms of technical analysis capabilities, and is perfect for experienced and demanding traders;
  • • both margin and deliverable trading of FX, Metals, and digital assets;
  • • wide range of orders types supported, including IOC and Iceberg orders, helping your traders to make smarter trading choices;
  • • one-click/double-click trading modes.