The full power of automation with TickTrader Algo-Studio

Automating your trading platform is pretty easy with the capabilities of our Algo-Studio. TickTrader Algo Studio includes products that allow developing and running algorithmic trading systems.

TickTrader Algo-Studio comes with the preset of market-maker algorithms, which provide the creation of price flow, liquidity, pricing policies for any token or derivative instrument.

The main functions of Algo-Studio include backtesting with algorithmic trading systems optimization function and customized technical indicators and trading systems development.

In the TickTrader Platform package, you’ll also get a delivery set of trading bots that includes the ready-made algorithmic trading systems:

Market Making Algo

This algorithm creates depth of market for any symbol, practicing a pure form of market making.

How does it work?

The algorithm gets the best bid and ask for the trading instrument intended for market making from one or more external or internal sources , and then creates depth of market with the specified parameters around them, like number of bands, minimum spread.

Synthetic symbol Market Making Algo

Synthetic Market Making Algo allows you to create a synthetic instrument based on two already existing ones. This function will be particularly useful for platforms launching on emerging markets with poorly convertible national currencies.

How does it work?

The algorithm processes the price for two instrument pairs (for example, BTC/EUR and EUR/RUB) to create a new synthetic symbol — BTC/RUB. Moreover, the algorithm is not limited only to mathematical calculations, but also follows the entire associated risk management. In case a client starts to trade on a synthetic symbol, the algorithm opens the relevant positions on the symbols that participated in its formation.

Traded Funds (TF) Algo

Using this algorithm, the management of the trading platform can create a custom trading index, based on the trading instruments of this platform. This will make it as easy as possible for a retail client to make an investment choice, while expanding the horizons of trading opportunities for your platform.

How does it work?

With the help of the algorithm you create your own digital asset index. For example, you want it to include the top 5 most traded digital assets. Using the algorithm, it is possible to set the share of different currencies in this basket.

This way, you get a custom index by which your retail customers can trade digital instruments without having to track their ratings, but invest directly into that custom basket and diversify their portfolios.

You can also create your own SNP500-like index having combined the tech companies shares trading instruments in a proportion you want this index to be composed of.

Any additional Algo can be developed to meet your needs. Learn more about Algo-Studio capabilities by leaving a request

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