Liquidity Aggregation:

5 steps to a deeper liquidity pool

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Liquidity solution from Soft-FX

Is a technological embodiment of the spirit of times, an initiative that meets the demands of the key players in the digital trading market — regulators, liquidity providers, and, of course, trading business owners.

The components offered in this solution are designed to provide comprehensive support to all key success drivers — capital preservation, liquidity maintenance, competitive yields, and risk management.

Step 1.

Engage advanced aggregation

Engage advanced aggregation

Our solution will provide you with virtually unlimited quality liquidity from trusted providers, no matter what asset classes you operate with.

  • Launch a trading platform and improve the liquidity of an existing one by diversifying and adjusting the liquidity flows as required by your business.
  • Access a top-notch matching engine with functionality that has been continuously improving for over 10 years.

Learn more about the liquidity aggregation process with TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator

Step 2.

Get the widest possible range of assets and asset combinations

Get the widest possible range of assets and asset combinations

We have many companies among our clients that can provide you with liquidity for all the assets that our solution supports, which means that your platform will be presented with the most sought-after options from day one:

  • digital assets with enabled delivery and margin trading;
  • major FX liquidity providers, including largest tech hubs;
  • over 600 stock CFDs as soon as the solution is deployed.

Any platform you see as a provider can also be connected at your request. Ask our consultant about how to design your perfect liquidity pool.

Step 3.

Explore synthetic symbol market-making

Explore synthetic symbol market-making

This component allows you to create synthetic instruments based on existing ones.

  • The feature significantly facilitates launching a trading platform in emerging markets, where there may be issues with the local currency conversion.
  • The algorithm follows a compliant risk management procedure, so you offer your clients more trading opportunities while being fully confident in their safety.

Learn more about how our synthetic symbol market-making algorithm works

Step 4.

Utilize risk management

Utilize risk management

Advanced control system completely excludes the possibility of liquidity duplication, while ensuring all the liquidity management procedures through constant flow and order monitoring. Data on any order can be uploaded and analyzed using our advanced reporting system.

Discuss possible liquidity risk management procedures for your platform with a Soft-FX specialist

Step 5.

Find a dedicated support team

Find a dedicated support team

We mean a lot more to the concept of support than just working with tickets. Our liquidity solution includes a set of services that will help you free up as much time as possible for actual business management.

  • All-round support
  • Setup, comprehensive onboarding, 24/7 helpdesk for digital instruments, and 24/5 helpdesk for CFDs are included in the basic package.

  • Extended services
  • Trading operations supervision. This feature implies real-time monitoring of uninterrupted activity in the liquidity aggregator and trading platform. Any red flag in the workflow will be dealt with in the shortest possible time.

Dealing desk outsource. Our team can take care of all the functions that a classic dealing desk implies — from setting up to communicating with providers and resolving customer issues.

Speak with our consultant and define the final look of the solution within your business