Our philosophy

We live FX

Soft-FX makes advanced software products for foreign exchange businesses. We are Forex-savvy developers, competent market and business analysts and knowledgeable support engineers. We work on complex software products for FX brokers, banks and investment funds. And here’s why we are so good at it.

We love FX

FX market is challenging, and we love it. It makes us work harder, seek and find nontrivial, cutting-edge solutions. Due to rapid growth of the market, we have to keep abreast of legal and technological developments. We have an increased focus on staff development and upskilling, making sure that our products remain up to the minute.

We make FX

In five years we have introduced the following products:

• Aggregator. The complex technological solution builds and maintains liquidity network and manages execution for brokers. Thus, it ensures competitive bids for traders.

• PAMM Technology. PAMM service enables copying trades from Master account to one or more Slave accounts and automates profit and loss distribution.

• TickTrader. Innovative Forex trading platform for institutional clients. Advanced charts, hot keys for enhanced navigation and tick history.

• One Click Trading Level2 Plugin (OCTL2). The plugin allows traders to monitor the current market situation via Depth of Market visual component and promptly react to its changes by accurate order placement.

We change FX!