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What TickTrader Has to Offer Institutional Traders


Our TickTrader trading platform is a testament to the understanding that institutional traders operate within a diverse landscape of goals and preferences.

Institutional traders work in a complex financial world where quick decisions and adaptability are key; they handle lots of trades in different markets and need platforms that allow them to act swiftly, tools to analyze markets accurately, and options to invest in many kinds of assets. TickTrader provides these benefits and more.

With TickTrader, one can delve into Forex, stocks, CFDs, futures, ETFs, commodities, and indices via one trading account. This array of instruments empowers traders to diversify their portfolios, explore different asset classes, and capitalize on various market opportunities.

For the past three years, our trading platform TickTrader has been positioned as a good alternative to popular MetaTrader 4 and 5, integrating solutions to some of the platform's shortcomings into TickTrader. This has made it more favoreble for institutional traders . In this article, we will share the unique features and benefits of the TickTrader trading platform for institutional traders.

Features and Benefits of TickTrader

Flexible Range of Functions. One of the advantages of the TickTrader trading platform is that it anticipates the needs of both beginners and experienced customers. This is very important for institutional traders, as they can meet the diverse needs of their clients and ensure that their business grows.

Therefore, even if a group of inexperienced users has no plans to use custom alerts or other advanced features now, it is possible that they will want to do so in the future. Some of these features include a one- or double-click trading mode, an advanced trading alert system with the ability to link on the server side, and a detailed charting system with the ability to draw, see volumes, trade, and set alerts.

Availability of Different Account Types. TickTrader broadens traders' choices by making various account types available for them to choose from. They include the spot exchange accounts and margin operations accounts.

While spot exchange accounts appeal to traders seeking simplicity by providing a streamlined avenue for real-time trading, the margin operations accounts operate quite differently as they are crafted for those who aim to leverage their positions, amplifying profit potential.

This type of account gives access to leverage and margin trading, enabling traders to wield larger positions than their account balance would traditionally allow. TickTrader’s spot operations accounts also allow traders to make transactions with fiat money and digital currencies, which is ideal for traders who prefer to trade in physical delivery contracts.  

Execution Speed and Reliability. Execution speed and reliability are essential components of any trading platform, as no trader wants to encounter issues with a platform during a trade. TickTrader offers fast and reliable trade execution, especially with its one-click trading feature, which ensures traders never miss trade opportunities due to connectivity issues. This feature is especially useful for scalpers and day traders who must quickly enter and exit positions.

Client applications. The various client apps that TickTrader provides are specifically designed for different ecosystems and also help to ensure a reliable execution speed. They include:

1. TickTrader Desktop App offers high-level functionality and allows both marginal trading and exchange of low-latency FX.

2. The TickTrader Web App allows access to TickTrader from any place and only requires a computer connected to the Internet.

3. TickTrader Mobile App (for Android and iOS) provides user-friendly access to mobile Forex and trading on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customization. TickTrader offers a range of customizable tools and functions that specifically meet the various requirements of institutional traders. For example, the Trader interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so it is ideal for traders of all levels. The platform has a customizable dashboard that allows traders to organize their workspace to suit their needs.

In addition, TickTrader's API integration allows institutional traders to adapt their trading experience to their specific workflows, seamlessly integrating the platform into their existing systems. We offer users a wide range of APIs, including the FIX API, the REST API, the WebSockets API, and the FDK API. These APIs enable traders to integrate third-party tools into the platform, such as algorithmic trading software and trading bots.

Order types. A variety of order types is essential because they allow traders to place trades based on their preferences. TickTrader offers a variety of order types to its users, including Immediate or Cancel (IOC), Stop-Limit, Iceberg, and Hidden orders. Institutional traders can use the various order types to limit their risk exposure and efficiently manage their trades.

IOC, or Immediate or Cancel, is an order that executes immediately but cancels any unfilled portions. Stop-limit orders combine a stop and a limit order, allowing traders to set a price limit for buying or selling. Iceberg orders are similar to large orders that are broken down into smaller ones and are not visible in the order book. They are ideal for traders who want to keep their trading strategies private.

Algorithmic Trading Features. Algorithmic trading has changed how traders approach the financial markets, allowing them to execute trades faster and more precisely. The TickTrader platform offers various algorithmic trading features not found on other popular trading platforms. The market-making algorithm, for example, enables traders to create synthetic instruments based on two existing ones. This is especially useful for platforms operating in emerging markets with difficult-to-convert national currencies.

TickTrader also provides an ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) algorithm, allowing trading platforms to create custom trading indices based on their own instruments. This facilitates retail clients' investment decisions while broadening the range of trading opportunities on the platform. TickTrader's synthetic market-making algorithm and ETF algorithm are just two examples of the unique features that set it apart from other platforms, making it an excellent choice for traders who are looking to take their algorithmic trading to the next level.

Tech support. Tech support is an essential component of any trading platform, as it ensures that traders receive immediate help in navigating platform-related issues. TickTrader offers an individual 24/7 support line. It also introduces unique terminal features, such as server-side alerts and Telegram notifications, that address the critical need for reliability in a trading platform.

Case study: FXOpen Prime's Journey with TickTrader Trading Platform

The Challenge. FXOpen, an international regulated broker, faced a complex challenge — create a platform for institutional traders. Their clients demanded a versatile trading platform capable of supporting diverse strategies, including high-frequency trading and handling toxic flows. The broker needed a solution that offered both sophistication and simplicity, catering to professional market participants like hedge funds, banks, and large financial institutions.

The Turning Point. The decision to adopt the TickTrader Trading Platform developed by Soft-FX marked a pivotal moment for FXOpen. This platform promised to unify account management while offering thousands of trading instruments, a feature crucial for FXOpen's diverse client base.

Implementing the Solution. The TickTraders' advanced trading tools, professional market analysis capabilities, and mobile accessibility addressed the core needs of clients with institutional background. The platform's design allowed traders to analyze, back-test, decide, and trade with unparalleled efficiency.

The Results.

  • Enhanced Liquidity and Execution: FXOpen Prime connected to a wide network of major sell-side vendors, ensuring robust liquidity and consistent execution for all trading strategies.
  • Competitive Edge: The platform provided attractive institutional exchange rates, razor-thin spreads, and transparency in pricing, appealing to discerning institutional traders.
  • Global Reach: With the capability to exchange in a majority of global currencies, FXOpen Prime expanded its global footprint.
  • Technological Superiority: Partnering with leading financial institutions ensured a reliable and comfortable trading experience, bolstered by high liquidity and superior technology.

Client Impact. With FXOpen Prime service, Traders experienced a new level of trading with real-time data, economic news, and comprehensive tools like Level 2 tick charts and Depth of Market access. The platform's single-click execution and sophisticated alert systems made trading more efficient and effective.

Looking Ahead. FXOpen, trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide, stands as a testament to the transformative power of the right technology. The TickTrader Trading Platform not only solved the immediate challenges but also set a new standard in the trading industry, proving that with the right tools, nothing stands in the way of profit.


Profitability is essential for any trader, institutional or not, and the TickTrader platform ensures that you profit while providing high-quality products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Choosing a trading platform can be difficult, especially given the number of competitors available. If you are faced with this decision, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.


Q1: What are features and tools essential for an institutional trader?

Comprehensive order types: TickTrader provides many orders, including Immediate or Cancel (IOC), Stop-Limit, Iceberg, and Hidden orders. These options enable traders to manage risk exposure better and execute trades based on their preferences.

API Integration: The platform offers a diverse set of APIs, including FIX API, REST API, WebSockets API, and FDK API, allowing for seamless integration with third-party tools. This integration enables traders to use algorithmic trading software and bots to implement advanced risk management strategies.

Q2: What kind of support can be offered to institutional clients within a service launched with TickTrader integration?

TickTrader offers an individual 24/7 support line. It also introduces unique client app features, such as server-side and Telegram notifications, that address the critical need for reliability in a trading platform.

Q3: Can you provide examples of successful institutional services integrating TickTrader?

FXOpen is a renowned broker using TickTrader Trading Platform. Their FXOpen Prime service for institutional client is based on technologies and features offered by TickTrader.