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How TickTrader Ensures a Superior User Experience for Seasoned Traders


Experienced traders bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the world of trading. But something often overlooked profoundly affects their success: user experience (UX).

For these experienced traders, a good UX is more than just convenience. It’s like having the right tools for the job – trading solutions that can streamline their activities and enhance their trading strategies.

Imagine a platform that is easy on the eyes, well organised, and incorporates several features in a single place for easy access. This is what can make a big difference in the life of an experienced trader.

Our multifunctional product, TickTrader, is a trading platform created with these solutions in mind. From the availability of different versions of client terminals to the option of other trading accounts and advanced order types, our developers continually ensure that our platform provides tools that work seamlessly with your strategies without technology getting in the way.

This article aims to explore the features and capabilities of TickTrader that cater to the needs of experienced traders, such as algorithmic trading systems, high-quality liquidity, and a well-documented application programming interface (API), amongst other features.

Multi-language Client Terminals

TickTrader currently offers four versions of client terminals that allow users to interact with the platform in the way they want, according to their needs and skills. These include:

TickTrader Web Terminal, which provides access from anywhere and requires you only to have a computer connected to the Internet. It is a popular option for traders because it works without additional software and supports all major browsers and operating systems. It also allows the entry and execution of ultra-fast orders and support for multiple languages and user settings.

TickTrader Mobile Terminal is another popular option for Android and iOS devices. It provides access to Forex and exchange trading on the go and features desired by 'mobile' traders, such as an advanced alerting system. The system enables traders to configure various notification options, such as time and receiving platforms, flexibly. It also includes features that experienced traders will appreciate, such as full support for margin (Gross/Net account types) and deliverable (Cash account types) operations, real-time tracking of trading account portfolio assets, orders, and positions, an advanced user alerting system, and trading history logs and historical prices.

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is the most advanced terminal with cutting-edge functionality that allows access to both marginal and exchange activity. This terminal is ideal for experienced traders because it allows them to use expert advisors (or EA) and create custom indicators. It also includes a variety of order types, such as IOC and Iceberg orders, as well as our one-click/double-click trading modes, which are in high demand in the trading market right now.

Algo-trading Options

If you are looking to automate your trading as an experienced trader, then the TickTrader Algo Studio is your go-to. TickTrader Algo Studio is a sophisticated trading platform feature that allows the creation and execution of algorithmic trading systems. It includes a set of market-maker algorithms for creating price flow, liquidity, and pricing policies for any token or derivative instrument.

Backtesting with an algorithmic trading system optimization function and customized technical indicators is possible with our Algo-Studio. You will also receive a delivery set of trading bots, which includes ready-made algorithmic trading systems, as part of the TickTrader Platform package. The market-making algorithm, synthetic symbol market-making algorithm, and traded funds algorithm are examples of these algorithms. Each of these algorithms allows you to make smarter trading decisions, broadening the trading opportunities available on your platform. What's more, any additional materials can also be developed on demand to meet your specific needs. You can learn more about them at soft-FX TickTrader.

Advanced Order Types

TickTrader Trading Platform includes advanced orders that allow experienced traders to build more complex trading strategies, such as Good Till Cancel, Immediate or Cancel, or One Cancels the Other (OCO) orders, in addition to common order types (market and pending orders, including Stop, Limit, and Stop Limit orders).

Hidden orders, one of the most complex order types, are also available on our trading platform for traders to use when they do not want other traders to see the order volume in the depth of the market. This tool is useful for experienced traders because it allows them to navigate the trading market strategically without revealing information to competitors or causing significant market shifts.

High-quality Liquidity

Liquidity knowledge is essential for any trader because it tells him how much an instrument is in demand in the market. Staying above the trading market is especially useful for experienced traders. Our TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator and TickTrader Trading Platform are designed to maximize liquidity flow diversification, generate market depth feed, and facilitate profitability forecasting for your business.

Our exceptional combination provides several advantages:

• connect to an unlimited number of external liquidity providers;

• improve trade execution on your platform in realtime, manage risks, and get protection against incorrect quotes;

• gain access to a powerful matching engine that allows clients to generate internal liquidity and act as both price-takers and price-givers; and

• acquire over 30 ready-to-go connectors to major FX liquidity providers.

You can never go wrong with our TickTader Liquidity Aggregator and Trading Platform as an experienced trader.

Trading Accounts for Different Objectives

The TickTrader trading platform also supports various operation types, including spot and exchange operations. To that end, our Tick Trader developers have created special account types for the various operations, making it simple for experienced traders to perform necessary operations. Cash, net, and gross accounts are among the accounts.

Cash accounts are used for spot exchange transactions, while net and gross accounts are available for margin or leveraged operations.

Application Programming Interface (API) Kit

API kits are used by experienced traders, particularly those who use automated or algorithmic trading strategies, to integrate their trading systems with brokerage services or exchange platforms. Traders can use trading APIs to access real-time market data, execute trades quickly, develop customized trading strategies, and automate trading processes based on predefined conditions or algorithms.

Knowing this, our thoroughly debugged and documented API enables traders to receive detailed information about financial instruments, user accounts, and trading operations. It also helps them make transactions, including asset delivery operations, modifying or deleting orders; connect to TickTrader Server to obtain information about quote flows (currencies, symbols); monitor the status of assets; get information about the available balance and trading history on your account; and fully automate trading operations.

Case Study of Our Experience with Clients

FXOpen, a global Forex and CFD broker, was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced traders determined to make trading easy, secure, and accessible to all. FXOpen has become a global brand due to its incorporation of our various products at Soft-FX, including the TickTrader trading platform. Through the TickTrader Trader’s Room, FXOpen offers dozens of bank wire transfers, credit and debit cards, and electronic payment systems connections worldwide, depending on the specific regulation.


TickTrader provides a superior user experience for experienced traders with a platform tailored to their specific requirements. With features such as hidden orders, one-click/double-click trading modes on our desktop terminal, and algorithmic trading systems via our AlgoStudio, experienced traders can take advantage of the trading market with precision and efficiency. You can schedule a free consultation with TickTrader today and prepare to take your trading to new heights.

Contact us to get a full technical presentation on this TickTrader Trading Platform and TikTrader Liquidity Aggregator.


Q1: What are the most advanced features of TickTrader for experienced traders?

In TickTrader, experienced traders benefit from advanced features such as hidden order functionality, which allows discreet trade execution without revealing order sizes. This strategic advantage prevents market shifts from large orders. Additionally, Algo Studio empowers traders to create and automate algorithmic trading systems, while advanced order types enable more complex trading strategies.

Q2: What makes TickTrader's user interface user-friendly for experienced traders?

TickTrader's user-friendly interface for experienced traders is characterized by its intuitive design, versatile accessibility across devices, customization options, advanced order management capabilities, and robust support for algorithmic trading, ensuring an efficient and streamlined trading experience.

Q3: How does TickTrader support risk management for experienced traders?

TickTrader supports risk management for experienced traders through advanced order types, hidden orders for discreet large transactions, a Liquidity Aggregator for diverse market feeds, and algorithmic trading support, allowing automated risk management strategies.

Q4: What are the prominent features offered by the platform?

Algorithmic Trading: Traders can develop automated trading systems using TickTrader's Algo Studio, executing trades based on predefined conditions or market patterns.

Hidden Orders and Advanced Order Types: Leveraging hidden orders and advanced order types like Good Till Cancel or Immediate or Cancel orders allow traders to execute discreet large trades and implement complex strategies with precise conditions.

Liquidity Management and Customisation: Utilizing TickTrader's Liquidity Aggregator for diverse market feeds aids in managing liquidity risks. The platform's customisation tools also facilitate backtesting and strategy optimisation, enabling traders to refine approaches based on historical data or specific market conditions.