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Why Brokerages are Choosing Ticktrader Trading Platform


In the fast-changing and dynamic world of financial services, choosing the right trading platform is crucial for the success of brokerages. The trading markets have become more complex and competitive; forex brokers are now seeking advanced software solutions to retain market control. One platform gaining popularity and credibility among industry leaders is the TickTrader Trading platform.

TickTrader is the ultimate all-in-one turnkey brokerage solution trading platform, providing clients with access to trade five of the most popular asset classes in the market— forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies using one trading account. Is the recent clamour for TickTrader due to the convenience the platform provides? Or are there other reasons why many believe this platform is here to revolutionize the trading market? This article will provide an in-depth insight into the TickTrader platform, its features and functionalities, benefits, and competitive advantage.

TickTrader Trading Platform: a Brief Overview

The major contributors to the appeal of the TickTrader platform are its key features, which are known for redefining users' trading experience. Popular among them are:

Highly customizable user interface. The interface of this platform is both user-friendly and highly customizable. Users can easily personalize their trading experience with access to a wide range of options and preferences for setting single panels or even entire workstations.

Technical analysis toolkit. With the TickTrader platform, experience the convenience of ready-made technical indicators for your trading analysis. Not only can users make use of ready-made indicators, but they can also create their own and add them to their accounts.

Single and double-click trading mode. This tool is specially designed for traders specializing in scalping, engaging in high-frequency trading, or looking to make profits off rapidly moving markets. This quick trading shortcut helps to reduce the waiting time of trading in such conditions as the trade orders are placed immediately.

Level 2 pricing. With TickTrader, users can venture into the market depth up to 200 levels, giving the user a visual display of the price range and associated liquidity at each price level. Users can also see their limited orders in the order book.

Strategy backtesting. TickTrader allows users to test and evaluate their trading skills and strategies using past pricing and liquidity. The results of the strategy back tester can then be used to run Algo trading strategies

Detailed charting system. TickTrader introduces an advanced, unique, and descriptive system. This produces detailed charts that allow users to draw and see volumes of trades and even set up alerts.

Advanced order types. Beyond the basic market order types available on most platforms, TickTrader has deemed it fit to take the feature a notch higher for its users. TackTrader offers advanced order types, allowing users to set up trades with specific conditions to ensure sound risk management and optimal execution. Notable advance order types include the Good Till Cancel (GTC) order, Immediate Or Cancel (IOC) order, One Cancels the Other (OCO) order, and One Triggers Another (OTA) order, amongst others. These advanced order options cater to the diverse needs of traders and enhance their overall trading experience.

Stock Operation Features. TickTrader also provides a standout feature that enables its users to configure stock operations based on corporate actions. This feature ensures that all trades in the stock market are executed accurately despite changes in stock prices due to corporate actions like dividends or stock splits. This feature empowers users to make better-informed decisions by adapting their strategies and minimizing potential pitfalls in the long run.

API Toolkit. TickTrader provides an API kit that allows developers to create custom apps that can integrate with TickTrader’s platform and automate some tasks or include additional features unavailable on the platform. This makes it easier for brokers and exchanges to customize their trading experience based on their needs.

Innovativeness as an Advantage

TickTrader has built a distinct brand for itself among its competitors. The TickTrader Trading Platform sets itself apart as a frontrunner for innovation in the industry. This platform has introduced several innovative features, setting the standard and leading other platforms in the market. The platform’s reliability and performance have helped users reduce latency and provided brokerages a distinct competitive advantage. It has become the preferred platform for brokerages seeking innovative technology solutions and stability.

One distinct feature that sets it apart from other trading platforms is the Liquidity Aggregation Module.

Liquidity Aggregation Module

A widespread knowledge in the financial market is how liquidity is the foundation for successful trading. However, this liquidity is the major challenge faced by most traders. Traders have limited access to liquidity pools at competitive prices.

The TickTrader platform, however, offers a solution to this issue by providing the liquidity aggregation feature. With the help of its order machine engine, TickTrader consolidates liquidity from various sources to provide its traders with access to various liquidity providers, ensuring they can execute trades at the best possible prices. This helps minimize fluctuations in the market prices and provides users with a seamless trading experience.

However, this aggregation module goes beyond just a liquid connectivity feature. It is a strategic asset for brokerages that want a competitive edge in the market. The feature actively helps to reduce slippage and minimize the time it takes to fulfill orders. It is also a cost-efficient feature for brokerages interested in taking advantage of the competitive pricing. Since the module relies on a network of available providers, it reduces the impact of liquidity disruptions and aids risk management.

Accounts and Versatility

TickTrader is popularly known as an all-in-one platform because it offers a platform to trade up to five different assets. This set the foundational belief of the TickTrader company that every trader has a unique goal and preference. To cater to these differing needs, the TickTrader platform offers two different account types—spot exchange accounts and margin operations accounts.

On the one hand, the spot exchange accounts were designed for traders who prefer to trade without leverage or margin requirements. With this account, traders can make instantaneous trades without borrowing funds or having additional collateral.

The margin operations account, on the other hand, was designed for traders seeking to leverage their positions and maximize profits.

The liquidity aggregation module and dual account option are not the only features that make this platform stand out. Most of its key features earlier listed are not fully implemented or available on other platforms. It remains the pacesetter of innovative solutions.


The customizable option of the TickTrader trading platform is one of its most noticeable and preferred features. It allows brokerages to adapt the platform according to their personalized requirements.

Some of the favourite customizable areas are:

Dashboards: The TickTrader platform offers personalized dashboards for brokerages. Brokerages are allowed to personalize their dashboards to align with their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

User Interface Modification: Brokerages can choose their user interface, which is a crucial customization option. Brokerages can now choose interfaces that align with their brand identity and provide a better user experience for their clients.

Asset Classes: TickTrader is quite famous for providing a platform for diverse asset classes. Brokerages can choose the asset class that best suits their business’ target market.

TickTrader’s customizable features further prove that it is not just an all-in-one platform but a dynamic solution that caters to the interests of its brokerage business clients.

Benefits for Emerging Brokerages

TickTrader has proven to be a solid option for emerging brokerage businesses, providing them with a range of benefits such as:

Better trade execution: The TickTrader platform has helped streamline the trade execution process by ensuring accurate and quick order fulfillment, reducing latency problems, and improving the entire trading experience for users.

Operational Efficiency: TickTrader is a seamless and integrated solution for brokerage businesses. The platform streamlines brokerage operations, enabling professionals to focus on making critical strategic decisions rather than bothering with operational logistics.

Advanced Risk Management: TickTrader provides advanced risk management tools that assist brokerages in navigating uncertain markets effectively. This helps safeguard client’s investments by minimizing the risk of losses.

Client Experience and Satisfaction: The features on the TickTrader platform guarantee a seamless and enjoyable user experience. This is important to help keep users satisfied and build customer loyalty.

Soft-FX has been building solutions in the trading industry since 2005. We are ready to provide a detailed advice about the TickTrader Trading Platform and how it can satisfy the needs of your end clients.


Q1: Why is TickTrader Trading Platform is a solid option for startup businesses?

The TickTrader trading platform is gaining more popularity among brokerages because it continuously implements innovative features. These features give it a competitive advantage over other platforms.

Q2: How does TickTrader compare to other trading platforms?

TickTrader differentiates itself from other trading platforms. Compared to others, it boasts innovative features and ongoing support while offering competitive pricing. It also guarantees brokerages efficient operations, flexibility, and better customer satisfaction.

Q3: Can TickTrader be customized to suit our brokerage’s specific needs?

Yes, it definitely can. It is important to remember that the platform is an integrated solution to suit the personal needs of brokerages. Brokerages can personalize the platform to align with their business needs and goals. Customization features include specific trading algorithms, personalized dashboards, and so on.

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