FXPrimus is a Forex trading services broker. They give traders access to major markets like currencies, indices, commodities, and shares.
Regulated by CySEC (Licence: 261/14), FXPrimus has been established since 2009.
Products used: TickTrader PAMM.
The company management chose to attract an additional category of retail clients to the platform, with no experience in trading, but with the willingness and capacity to invest in seasoned traders. The PAMM service was chosen as the technology, with a number of requirements:
  • since the WL Metatrader license was used, it was important to avoid installing additional modules;
  • minimum entry threshold for investors;
  • possibility to import trade statistics;
  • the maximum degree of automation of all client service processes.


With TickTrader PAMM, the FXPRIMUS team acquired comprehensive Forex PAMM software that proved to be a great sales tool and positively influenced the company's profitability:

  • FXPRIMUS received an influx of customers investing in an extensive pool of Masters;
  • every process connected with TickTrader PAMM is automated, which makes it much easier for the support team to work with the product and related customers;
  • TickTrader PAMM trading system significantly increased the money flow.
Elena Georgiou
Head of Support
“Soft-FX offered us the best service terms and MT-compatible PAMM software with an excellent price/quality ratio — TickTrader PAMM. When used over a long period of time, the product really shines: we have gathered an impressive portfolio of Masters, and the total number of clients and trading volumes have increased accordingly.”