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Why TickTrader Trading Platform Is the Best Choice for Emerging Brokerages in 2024


As the financial market continues to grow and expand, the providers of financial services, particularly brokerages, play an essential role in shaping the industry. Despite already established and big brokerage businesses in the market, there is a new wave of emerging, small, and average-sized brokerages in the market. Perhaps these new brokerages will provide a healthy competitive environment in the market.

For these emerging, small, and average brokerages, selecting the right trading platform provider is not only a strategic decision but also a pivotal factor in determining the growth of these businesses.

TickTrader is a trading platform uniquely positioned to cater to the peculiar needs of these brokerages.  TickTrader is a unique multi-asset trading platform designed for brokers and exchanges that allows them to conduct transactions with different types of assets— stocks, commodities, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies. This software was created to cater to the needs of those who want to launch their own multi-functional brokerage company with the ability to issue unlimited white-label licenses and provide accessible mobile applications for their users through popular marketplaces.

Benefit for Small Brokerages

As mentioned earlier, TickTrader is the best-positioned platform to help small brokerages achieve their growth goals. It offers a lot of benefits for small businesses.

Range of unique and customer-oriented features. TickTrader is one of the front-runners of innovative technology in the market. Its need for innovation to keep up with the needs of its clients positions it in a place to roll out some of the most unique features for trading platforms. Some of the popular ones are:

Terminals and Mobile Apps across all popular platforms. The TickTrader platform provides access to several terminals, including the TickTrader Desktop Terminal, the TickTrader Web Terminal, and the TickTrader Mobile Terminal.

The desktop terminal is the ultimate all-in-one trading application with high-level functionality. It combines professional tools with a fully customizable interface, opening access to marginal trading and exchange of crypto and FX instruments with low latency.

The web terminal, however is more of a solution that can be used at retail Fx brokerages (marginal trading) and exchanges, allowing physical delivery of assets traded. The web terminal is very accessible and easy to use. Traders can access TickTrader from any location with a computer and internet connection.

The mobile terminal provides access to 24/7 online forex and exchange trading using a mobile device. It also offers real-time notifications for market pricing and data. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

White Label Sublicensing. Customers who use the TickTrader platform are allowed to provide sublicensing services. The software buyer is entitled to sublicenses supply to maximize their earnings. This sublicensing feature is easy to use and relatively straightforward.

Liquidity Aggregation Module. Ticktrader addresses the prominent liquidity challenge faced by many traders. TickTrader addresses this challenge using the Liquidity Aggregation Module (LAM). The module consolidates liquidity from various sources into a pool of funds. This pool of diverse funds then allows traders to take advantage of these funds for trading.

Beyond being a connector of liquidity providers to users, the LAM helps mitigate risks traders face due to liquidity problems. It also helps to enhance trade efficiency and performance by reducing latency, bypassing intermediaries, and minimizing disruptions.

Specialized Trading Accounts. TickTrader acknowledges the diverse needs of users by providing different account types to cater to their unique needs. The two main specialized trading accounts are the spot exchange accounts and the margin operations accounts.

The spot exchange accounts are provided for traders who favour instantaneous trading. This account allows traders to execute real-time trades without the complexities of margin and leverage requirements.

Margin operations accounts, however are tailored for traders who need access to margin and leverage opportunities to maximize their potential profits.

Algorithmic Trading Module. TickTrader offers a range of prebuilt algorithmic trading systems and trading bots in the software. Pre-installed market maker algorithms allow administrators to control liquidity, price flow, and pricing guidelines for various tokens and derivatives.

API Kit. The API kit provided by the TickTrader platform enables developers to build on the platform by creating and integrating custom applications to develop additional features or automate certain tasks not originally existing on the TickTrader platform. This improves the platform's customizability, ensuring clients can personalize it to suit their trading needs.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the significant challenges of emerging, small, and average brokerages is the capital constraint of adopting innovative trading technology. TickTrader offers a solution to this problem by providing one of the best solutions at competitive and affordable prices. Despite the cost-effectiveness of this platform, there is no compromise on quality or functionality. TickTrader’s pricing system ensures that small brokerages can access innovative trading technology without putting a strain on their finances.

Democratization of Technology

By providing affordable but high-quality technological solutions for small brokerages, TickTrader is helping democratize financial sector technology. This is very beneficial for small brokerages who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to compete with more prominent brokerages who have better access to technology. By providing access to advanced technological features, TickTrader is helping smaller brokerages offer services that are at the same level as industry leaders.

Scalability and Growth

TickTrader Trading Platform values the need for growth and stability in businesses. As part of its commitment, the platform is set to anticipate the growth needs of its clientele and offer scalable solutions that align with the growth needs of the brokerages.

Small brokerages will usually have evolving needs such as expansion of client base, increasing trade volumes, entering new markets, and so on. TickTrader solution evolves with the ever-growing needs of these small brokerages to ensure that they remain responsive and efficient in the market.

Soft-FX acts as a strategic partner of these brokerages to support their goal of fostering scalability and long-term growth. It does this in some of the following ways.

Seamless Scalability. TickTrader provides a seamless scalability service to its brokerage clientele. The platform accommodates the ever-evolving needs of emerging, small, and average brokerages. Ticktrader’s scalable solutions are guaranteed to adapt to every brokerage’s growth journey, ensuring operational effectiveness every step of the way.

Adaptable Technology Infrastructure. Beyond numbers, the TickTrader platform extends to technology infrastructure. The platform’s architecture permits easy integration of new functionalities and features. This ensures that small brokerages can scale anytime they want to without cumbersome upgrade processes. This makes scalability and growth faster and easier for small brokerages.

Efficiency in Expanded Operations and Strategic Planning for Long-term Success. As brokerages scale up the level of their operations, they need to be assured of the efficiency of this scaling. TickTrader offers that guarantee to these brokerages by providing tools and features that help to streamline the expansion process.

Efficiency and Productivity

As mentioned earlier, the TickTrader platform helps emerging, small, and average brokerages improve operational efficiency while stimulating productivity.

Firstly, TickTrader has been an exemplary platform for precise trade execution. The platform helps to minimize order latency, ensuring trades are executed accurately and swiftly. This helps to reduce the rate of trade delays and improves the overall trading experience.

TickTrader also offers advanced risk management tools on the platform. This helps users to identify and mitigate potential risks quickly, protect their operations against disruptions, and improve stability and productivity,

The customization feature on the TickTrader platform also helps speed up the familiarization or learning curve process, maximizing productivity.

Final Thoughts

TickTrader Trading Platform differentiates itself from other similar platforms in the market. Its range of features and services positions it as the platform redefining the users' trading experience.

Its technological features remain its biggest selling point. It offers advanced features like the liquidity aggregation module, algorithmic trading module, API kit, and specialized trading account.

Its customization feature also positions it at a strategic advantage over other platforms. Features like personalized dashboards, customizable user interfaces, adaptable trading algorithms, and so on enable brokerages to tailor the platform to their unique needs.

The support ecosystem provided by TickTrader is another factor that puts it at a competitive advantage. The platform offers robust customer support and educational resources that help users take advantage of the platform’s features and improve their understanding of the market.

Soft-FX has been building solutions in the trading industry since 2005. We are ready to provide a detailed advice about the TickTrader Trading Platform and how it can satisfy the needs of your end clients.


Q1: Is TickTrader cost-effective for small brokerages with budget constraints?

Definitely. The TickTrader platform was designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. It offers a pricing solution that caters to the budget constraints of small brokerages without negotiating quality.

Q2: Can TickTrader be customized to meet specific brokerage needs?

Yes. TickTrader is one of the most customizable platforms in the market. It offers brokerages the opportunity to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Q3: What customer support options are available with TickTrader for average-sized brokerages?

TickTrader offers a comprehensive support system for brokerages. It provides support services ranging from support agent teams to educational resources and timely updates. The platform provides all the assistance required for a fulfilled customer experience.