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Andrei Barysenka

Soft-FX’s Head of Support

  • Chief technical advisor leading the support department, providing strategic direction and oversight for all support-related activities

With a decade-long career deeply rooted in supporting clients and ensuring they have access to cutting-edge financial technologies, Andrei has been instrumental in Soft-FX Dev's growth and success.

His role goes beyond the traditional scope of customer support; he is a bridge between the technological advancements in the FX markets and the users who benefit from them. Andrei's expertise in troubleshooting, technical guidance, and strategic support has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the FX community.

Andrei Barysenka's leadership at Soft-FX Dev and his contributions to the FX markets and financial technology sector are a testament to his expertise, passion, and vision. His efforts have not only propelled his company to new heights but also contributed significantly to the evolution and accessibility of FX markets.

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