FXOpen: Founded in 2005 by a group of traders, FXOpen has become a leading ECN broker with global reach. With key operations based in London, Cyprus, and Australia, they are regulated by major financial authorities including the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC.
TradingView: As a massive social network boasting over 30 million traders and investors, TradingView is a hub for advanced charting and global market insights. Their platform provides a unique blend of community-driven insights and cutting-edge charting tools.

The Challenge

FXOpen was seeking a way to enhance its platform to cater to a broader spectrum of traders, especially those using the TradingView interface. The main goals were:
  • Attract clients who are already familiar with TradingView and turn them into FXOpen clients.
  • Offer an expanded toolkit for existing FXOpen clients who find the TradingView interface more appealing.
The challenge was integrating two complex systems in a seamless manner that would enrich the client experience without complicating their journey.

The Solution

Soft-FX, tasked with this integration, embarked on the journey by:

Negotiation & Alignment:

Understanding the objectives of both FXOpen and TradingView to ensure a synergistic approach to the integration.

API Integration:

Leveraging the API provided by TradingView, Soft-FX began integrating both backend and frontend components.

Data Flow Management:

New interfaces were introduced to ensure the smooth flow of data. This allowed TradingView's system to receive crucial data, like drawing charts and tracking order histories, from FXOpen’s backend.

User Experience:

Keeping user experience paramount, Soft-FX ensured that clients could log in through FXOpen's familiar personal cabinet but still access the TradingView interface.

Testing & Deployment:

With FXOpen's TickTrader trading platform being a robust system, the integration was executed without major hitches. Comprehensive tests were performed before going live.

The Outcome


Successful Launch:

Initially rolled out for FXOpen's UK entity, the integration was subsequently introduced in the EU, NZ, AU, and International entities.

Client Growth:

While it's still early days, FXOpen has already observed a surge in new clients post-integration, indicating a successful move.

Future Offerings:

Given the success and the streamlined process, Soft-FX is now equipped to offer TradingView integration to future clients, making it a promising venture.


The collaboration between FXOpen, TradingView, and Soft-FX demonstrates the significance of adapting to market needs. This integration not only enhanced FXOpen's platform but also set a precedent for how Forex brokers can expand their offerings to cater to diverse trader preferences.