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With our white label crypto exchange solution, you will enter into our customers' pool — companies that are all set up for success on the market with ever-intensifying competition.

We guarantee you a secure and stable turnkey crypto exchange with dozens of integrations and full implementation in just 2 weeks.

What do we have in store for you?

End-to-end platform with uncompromising performance

At your disposal is a white label platform for trading bitcoin or any other digital asset, which includes all the necessary functions you might need for successful operations:

  • thorough client registration and verification procedures;
  • handling different digital assets, both crypto, and fiat;
  • funds depositing and withdrawal through multiple crypto and fiat gateways;
  • An unlimited number of instruments available for leveraged trading and exchange from any device or external platform.

What we have

High-quality initial liquidity

Not only diverse trading functionality makes an attractive exchange but also sustained trading activity with a smooth process of buying and selling, as well as a seamless and stable user experience.

Our solution is designed for those who want exactly this kind of performance from their trading platform. With the help of our Liquidity Aggregator, your platform will be filled with quality liquidity generated from external and internal sources from day one.

Top-grade protection of every operation

The safety of our partners' and their clients' digital assets and personal data is of paramount importance to our team, so we have implemented several levels of protection. Every component of the system and every operation are under multi-level protection to prevent loss of data and client funds.

Why choose a white label exchange software?

Simple crypto wallets and crypto exchanges have become a mass phenomenon for the crypto market.
However, cryptocurrency exchanges are much more complex and costly to develop.

Compared to in-house development, white label cryptocurrency exchange software may give you the following advantages

Rapid deployment

A white label digital asset exchange software is incomparably more profitable in terms of time-saving. For example, Soft-FX will provide you with a turnkey cryptocurrency exchange within two weeks.

Relatively moderate financial costs

A white label crypto exchange solution will cost you dozens of times cheaper than a proprietary development.

Higher potential for a higher return on investment

Since you will have a ready-made solution on hand from day one, you will be able to start operating more efficiently.

Lower costs for technical support

A tested and fine-tuned white-label exchange software frees you from the necessity to keep a full technical team.

Why choose a solution?

As a rule, white-label exchange solutions for launching a turnkey crypto exchange have a similar set of functions.

However, if you want stable operation and quick return on investment, it is crucial to purchase software with a well-developed design, extended functionality, and advantageous terms of use.

That is why we offer our customers not just a white label exchange solution, but the ultimate solution which is a crowning achievement of the Soft-FX team, packed with advantages that are extremely difficult to meet in this market segment.

Big investments that you don't have to make

Multi-million dollar investments have been made in the RnD of products that comprise this white-label digital asset exchange solution. You will be able to use some of the most expensive technologies on the market for a very reasonable price.

Long-term expertise

15 years of market research and development have resulted in white label exchange software that can be installed in a couple of days, and perform as if it was designed for specific customer needs.

Our clients’ sense of confidence

Built into the most complex business processes of our customers, the system has proven itself to be a super-efficient and reliable tool.

Our clients’ diversity

Our customers have different business models, but over the years we have managed to create a deep and comprehensive solution with extensive functionality, which will fit any possible needs within the domain, whether you need a white-label exchange for bitcoin or fiat currencies.

Simply put — our clients

Every client that purchased our white label cryptocurrency exchange solution has proved its reliability in action.

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White label crypto exchange
solution overview

We offer a complete end-to-end crypto exchange software solution that'll allow our client to focus on business development activities where our professionals fully handle the technological development and support.

Three Soft-FX products are responsible for the flawless operation of our white label exchange software.

TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator

Ready to bolster liquidity on your newborn exchange.

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TickTrader Trading Platform

A solid foundation for a comprehensive trading business.

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Trader’s Room

A carefully designed back-office software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading system.

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Solution security

The combination of these functions provides our solution with the highest security level status.

Wallet separation

Separately created wallets are made to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Multi-level encryption

Hashing, symmetric, and asymmetric encryption used whether it is possible.

Warm and cold wallets

Assets are held shortly on warm wallets, then transferred to the cold storage.

Private key method

A single private key is created to manage each cryptocurrency wallet. All keys are securely stored.

Built in KYC / AML tools

These tools provide the principles of counterparty/customer visibility, thus excluding illegal bitcoin and other digital asset transactions and financing of criminal activities.

Reliable backup and recovery methods

Daily backup of data and, if needed, synchronous copying is applied; integrity of the backup is checked regularly.

“Together with a comprehensive approach, we offer you a combination of the best products on the market, tailored to solid performance. Our white label digital asset exchange solution will provide you with top-notch crypto market technologies for the price of a streamlined product.”

Pavel Satsuk,

Head of Global Operations at Soft-FX

Pavel Satsuk

Pavel Satsuk,

Head of Global Operations at Soft-FX

Pavel Satsuk