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Every passing day Retail Forex traders become more and more hard-to-please customers. For successful trading on financial markets it is critical to have the platform, which allows traders to analyze data, react quickly on rapidly changing market conditions and reduce risks.

Soft-FX is pleased to introduce the most advanced Forex trading platform for your online trading. The Soft–FX Trading Platform is an up-to-date complete solution for retail Forex brokers. It consists of the Trader’s Platform, as the Trader’s Mobile Application and the Administration console.

TickTrader has high performance and reliability and provides all the necessary features, the clients may need:

  • Powerful cluster server
  • Two levels of documented API, possibility to use Library instead of FIX protocol
  • Ability to act as liquidity provider for other brokers
  • Built-in Depth of Market
  • Support of Net-accounts
  • Possibility to import/export historical quotes, including ticks data
  • ASK, BID and average price charts of different timeframes starting from S1
  • Tick charts

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Along with conventional functionality, the Soft-FX TickTrader has a number of distinctive features:

  • Advanced charts
  • As ECN technology provides floating spread which can differ during trading session, the following types of charts available: ASK chart, BID chart, average price chart
  • S1 and S10 charts are introduced for traders using short-term trading
  • Enhanced navigation allows switching between the charts using Hot Buttons
  • The platform allows opening several charts in different windows and monitor screens at the same time
  • Tick history: the platform allows exporting the historical tick data, which could be used for data modeling and algorithmic trading strategies testing, running of historical simulations and back-testing, as well as for in-depth analysis of the trading instruments. In order to export, simply select the trading instrument and the period required. It should be noted that the Soft-FX Trader’s platform enables to import the data from other sources, and then view the generated charts

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