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With the high rate of cryptocurrency market development and wide recognition by the world community and leading economists, people start thinking about ways of investing into the cryptocurrency industry. This is a great opportunity to find a niche and start your own business. We offer to familiarize yourself with our software product that will allow you to launch cryptoexchange platform in the shortest possible time.

Cryptocurrency exchange software solution
Soft-FX cryptocurrency exchange software solution scheme

Our product Soft-FX Crypto eXchange is a boxed solution for cryptoexchange operators. It is a multi-module system that allows you to launch a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform in the shortest time from the scratch. This solution solves a lot of tasks required for the full work of the exchange:


Automatic purchase/sale of cryptocurrency, CFD trading.


Possibility to use this solution as a private (Windows, Web, mobile terminals) or a professional/institutional client (WebREST, WebSocket, FIX, SFX API or algorithmic trading module.


  • Possibility to use any number of cryptocurrency instruments in exchange and margin trading, as well as adding tokens, be it your own or produced via ICO.
  • Unique liquidity aggregation technology, allowing clients of exchange to act as both consumers and suppliers of liquidity.


  • Broad choice of ready-to-use exchange (Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken and others) and broker connections, using solutions of oneZero and primeXM to execute customer orders.
  • Integration with popular payment systems (Webmoney, Skrill, Qiwi, YandexMoney and others) and cryptocurrency wallets (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, XMR and others)


  • Reliable protection and encryption of personal and payment data of customers, customer funds, including hot/cold storage, multi-signature, 2FA.
  • The architecture that protects against hacker attacks and DDoS. Scaling and balancing capabilities based on load and geo-location.

Soft-FX Crypto eXchange includes the following modules

Liquidity Aggregator

Cryptocurrency exchange software - Liquidity Aggregator solution
Soft-FX cryptocurrency exchange software – Liquidity Aggregator solution

It is a software solution for the aggregation of liquidity from various external (exchanges, brokers) and domestic suppliers (customers), including leading cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, OKEx, etc. The aggregator receives, analyzes, filters, and processes demand and supply information from different liquidity providers and guarantees the execution of customers’ orders at the best price available on the market. This solution allows you to create numerous combinations according to the requirements of each company for the best execution of orders.

Tick Trader Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange software - TickTrader Web terminal
Soft-FX exCrypt cryptocurrency exchange software – TickTrader Web terminal
Soft-FX cyptocurrency exchange - TickTrader solution
Soft-FX cyptocurrency exchange – TickTrader Desktop terminal
Tick trader Android terminal
Tick Trader Android trading terminal

Tick Trader trading platform is the comprehensive information system that allows traders to make transactions in financial markets, and platform managers to configure and monitor the operation of trading modules and services, access to a complete trading history and prepare reports in accordance with any given requirements. It includes a back-end solution (setting trading symbols and trading parameters, administering and managing customer accounts, integrating with liquidity aggregators, storing history, trading history, reporting system), as well as trading terminals and auxiliary services. Terminal Tick Trader is a universal trading application which monitors and analyzes the current and retrospective state of the market and trading account, performs transactions involving fiat and cryptocurrencies. Our trading platform has wide functionality, convenient customizable interface and offers traders various professional tools for trading. In addition to the terminal for desktop systems, web and mobile versions (applications for Android and iOS) are also available, allowing traders to fully trade from any device, as well as a wide selection of APIs: WebREST, WebSocket, FIX, SFX.

Tick Trader Terminal Bot

Soft-FX cryptocurrency exchange software - TickTrader Terminal Bot
Soft-FX exCrypt cryptocurrency exchange software – TickTrader Terminal Bot

The automated system in the trading platform TickTrader. This module provides the possibility to develop and debug systems for algorithmic trading and customized technical indicators for trading. This system is delivered with pre-integrated market-maker algorithms that provide the creation of a flow of prices, liquidity, pricing conditions for any token or derivative.

Client’s area (BackOffice)

Cryptocurrency exchange solution backoffice
Soft-FX cryptocurrency exchange software – BackOffice solution

BackOffice is a complex information system, that performs functions of a payment aggregator and the client’s personal cabinet. Includes client part (registration and verification of clients, storage of customer data, the opening of trading accounts, etc.) and back-end solutions (administration and management of customer accounts). The module contains customized connections to more than 50 of the most popular payment systems and payment processors, as well as integration with the main blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.)

Implementation of cryptocurrency payments

Soft-FX cryptocurrency exchange software solution – Payment gateway

This module includes specialized software, placed on a dedicated server, as well as installation and setup of nodes, the creation of hot wallets for selected blockchains, integration of wallets and maximum safety measures to secure your wallet: multi-signatures and cold wallets.

Each module can be supplied as a separate solution with a possibility of integration into already existing environment, created by Soft-FX or by third-party developers.

Deadline for deployment

From the moment client provides the necessary information, our team will implement the system in two weeks.

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