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Transform your business

During the development and implementation of the solution, we have accumulated many user cases. It is quite possible that your scenario was executed more than once by our team, and if not, it's even for the best — we love and know how to solve challenging tasks.

Trading business diversification

You want to add crypto currency trading to your Forex business and diversify into a full-fledged exchange.

Crypto business expansion

You want to turn your crypto currency exchanger into a crypto exchange with the help of a matching engine.

Technological reinforcement

You need another platform to use with an existing exchange to support trading operations with the help of public APIs.

Costs saving

In the trading business, the most complex crypto software components in terms of development are the trading platform and liquidity aggregator. If you already have the back office, the cost of creating the remaining cryptocurrency trading software may be much more expensive.

Soft-FX offers you another way — a stable, efficient, and effective solution that can be delivered and integrated in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

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Crypto Trading Platform by

Soft-FX Crypto Trading Platform is an ultra-flexible and versatile solution for the trading business that is looking to launch or expand the range of operations with cryptocurrencies. We offer you a combination of two premium products, backed by more than a decade of software development and significant investments, to arrange your trading processes exactly the way you want.

Top-quality liquidity from day one

17 ready-to-go external connectors to cryptocurrency spot exchanges, and internal market-making algorithms

Powerful matching engine

Enabling clients to generate internal liquidity and act both as price-takers and price-givers.

Multifunctional APIs

Create and use customizable trading tools and interfaces to integrate our solution with your software

Proprietary quotes processing filters

Protection against invalid quotes and improved trades execution

Boundless possibilities for trading and exchange

Add an unlimited number of crypto and fiat instruments

Web and mobile platforms

Native mobile apps and web client with extensive functionality

Solution components overview

TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator

Ready to bolster liquidity on your newborn exchange.

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TickTrader Trading Platform

A solid foundation for a comprehensive trading business.

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Features to start your exchange rolling

Best liquidity for unrivaled trading experience

The solution itself represents the combination of TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator and TickTrader Trading Platform, which grants you an unparalleled diversity of liquidity flows. You’ll be able to generate market depth feed and facilitate profitability forecasting for your business.

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Algorithmic studio with preset Market‑Making algos

TickTrader Algo-Studio includes the package of market-maker algorithms, which ensures the stable price flow, liquidity, and beneficial pricing policies for any token or derivative instrument. With Algo-Studio, you can enrich your exchange with algorithmic backtesting trading systems and customized technical indicators.

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Freedom of operation with our APIs

With carefully documented APIs of TickTrader Trading Platform, you can integrate all the components of your trading infrastructure without having to design a new program for that. At your disposal is any of our APIs that have already been tested and proven to be reliable.

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Contact our specialist to discuss the best way to apply the trading platform to your business

Ultra-fast installation

Depending on your requests and trading goals, we can provide full infrastructure installation in a few days. During the integration period, we will ensure that you get to full grips with the solution and its functionality.

Within the solution, you can choose any integration option that suits your business.

Frontend and backend integration

If you want to power up your trading back-office crypto trading engine with cryptocurrency trading software, including both platform and terminals.

Backend integration only

If you want to enhance your existing trading software with separate features of the solution.

and controlled launch

This solution is designed to perform invisible, but impeccable work. Therefore, crypto trading software from Soft-FX that is implemented in the client's business goes through important configuration stages.

Initial setting

It happens before the launch of the platform. We perform the solution installation.


You take the chosen solution elements and implement them into your own trading ecosystem.


We answer all your questions and help you set up the solution, taking into account the different settings specific to the business, like trading conditions and liquidity providers.

After that, the work of the solution will be fully automated, excluding the cases when it may be required is to adjust the functionality of the solution to the arising business needs.

You can always rely on our support team.