Soft-FX announces a brand-new solution to launch a payment service provider

Soft-FX aims to create a competitive core banking software to help start-ups join the payment service providers community without long-term and costly internal developments.


We are glad to announce that our first client, UK payment institution Monevium, is actively attracting clients with our front- and back-end white-label banking solution. Adding such a client to our portfolio is a giant step in product realization and future software improvements according to market innovations and users' needs.

In the near future we will publish detailed materials on this solution, but as a sneak peek, we can now reveal the following details.

  • As part of this solution, the client is provided with full front and back software architecture.
  • The solution includes connectors to bank processing gateways and payment card issuance functionality.
  • The solution can be deployed and up and running in about a month.

As of now, if you are looking for core banking software, contact us to get the most detailed free consultation.