FX Prime Brokerage and FX Brokers

Flexible Integration with Client Trading Systems, Institutional Dealing Services, Access to Alternative Venues of Liquidity, Anonymity.

FX Prime Brokerage tools are designed for advanced high-volume traders, Investments Funds, Asset Managers and Institutional Traders. Soft-FX is glad to offer them a wide range of functionality:

Flexible Integration with Client Trading Systems:

is achieved by special tool’s set called FDK. FDK or FX Development Kit provides two levels of documented API: basic and extended. Basic API is useful for traders developing expert advisers, scripts and indicators. Extended API is focused on professional traders and brokers. It enables multi-connections, provides an opportunity to develop plugins and GUI. This level of API might be used outside of a client’s terminal. Another level of communication with server is implemented via standard and widespread public protocol.

Trade Allocation Functionalities and Access to the Alternative Venues of Liquidity:

is based on the information on the liquidity available. Smart Order Routing system automatically routes the orders to the appropriate liquidity venue to ensure that a client’s order is executed at the best available BID or OFFER price. The system also provides you with an order allocation status (allocated, not allocated, cancelled etc.)

Flexible and intuitive GUI:

our customizable Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows users to customize their views of the market, join all available liquidity channels into a single screen, full-depth liquidity view sorted by market, size, orders and execution status etc.


the clients are given a chance to take advantage of a price difference between two or more Banks or Liquidity Providers.

To view demo version of the product as well as to get more detailed information about it a Non – Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed. Please, contact [email protected]

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