StormGain is a crypto trading platform that provides access to trading the most popular and most capitalized coins with leverage of up to 200x, or buying and hodling cryptos.
StormGain is also a member of the Blockchain Association of the Financial Commission.
StormGain was conceived as a crypto trading platform that strives to be friendly for all categories of users, from beginners to the most experienced. Therefore, the software vendor had specific requirements for the provided technology that would make StormGain as versatile and accessible as possible:
  • maximum choice of cryptocurrency pairs, including the most sought-after coins;
  • quality liquidity from the best providers;
  • ability to provide the leverage up to 200x;
  • extensive customization of the trading workspace on the user side;
  • availability on every popular device;
  • ability to connect auxiliary trading tools.

Solution implementation


Introducing the client to the functionality and qualities of the product


Analyzing and qualifying the needs and expectations of the client


Development and testing of approved functionality

Delivery and

Product implementation and installation on client systems, infrastructure set-up

Continual service and

Cooperation with StormGain on the enhancement of the product according to requests.


With a solution from Soft-FX, StormGain gained access to all categories of traders and every business tool necessary for operations in the target market:

  • quality liquidity with external connectors to cryptocurrency spot exchanges, and internal market-making algorithms;
  • the package of market-maker algorithms, ensuring the stable price flow;
  • availability across mobile and desktop devices, with the possibility to invest in the most popular and most capitalized coins;
  • a variety of order types and trading tools, and customized buy/sell signals.

Using Cryptocurrency Trading Platform solution from Soft-FX, StormGain has become one of the leading players in the market, recognized by CoinMarketCap as the #1 interest rate provider for crypto traders and listed as Exchange Platform of The Year by The European.

Alex Althausen
Co-founder of StormGain
“We wanted to become a cryptocurrency trading platform for everyone, and with the help of Soft-FX, we succeeded. This solution allowed us to takes the best of the investment and cryptocurrency markets and offer a comprehensive platform for trading via cryptocurrency futures contracts.”